7610 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15221

412 723 2194   info@animalnature.net

Monday - Friday, noon - 7,

Saturday 10-8, Sunday noon - 5



Welcome to the Animal Nature community!



You are welcome to bring your animal to our shop, but please be aware that there are dogs, a store cat, chickens, sometimes a rabbit or two, and even some pet rats around.  These furry friends are to be found running around the store at will, and are not locked up behind barriers all the time.  Just be prepared for the managerie!

Bring us your gently used bags for reuse, or make donations for local animals in need...

Come on by, chat with us, read up on health and behavior topics, visit the store animals, and find some of the very best in cat, dog, rabbit, chicken, and small animal nutrition and supplies.

We are proud to have taken the HSUS Puppy Friendly Pledge!